Jun 29, 2020
Spider5786 (All reviews)
Story 7/10

This side story to Madoka Magica takes place in Kamihana City a place which has seen increased witch activity with many powerful witches in the area. Iroha Tamaki is a magical girl who although not very powerful sets out to Kamihana City in an attempt to find her sister who has somehow been wiped from existence.

Although not on the level of the original series this has a good story with drama and mystery with the discovery of a mysterious group of magical girls and the belief among some that a salvation for magical girls can be discovered.

Art 8/10

Once again I liked the world of Madoka Magica with a well designed world and characters.

Sound 7/10

Some good sound and music with quality voice acting.

Characters 7/10

Some good characters here with all the Magical Girls being likable characters for the most part with each having different goals and motivations which leads basically to different grouping between the girls and even some conflict.

Enjoyment 7/10

An enjoyable season with plenty of drama and mystery some of the episodes and moments are a little slower and less entertaining but overall a fun show.

Overall 7/10